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Early Childhood Phase (Grade RR - R)

We focus on learning as we play! Children learn best by doing and being involved in structured and unstructured play. 

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Carrying Pencil

Foundation Phase (Grade 1 - 3)

We focus on building the basic learning blocks necessary for future successful learning. We provide our students with individualized learning from knowledgeable teachers. 

Art Class

We focus on building on top of the foundation knowledge already learned in Grade R-3. Our main aim is to foster successful studying methods with the joy of learning which is very helpful skills for future learning. We inspire our students with our passion for education and hope that some of it will fall upon them. 

From this Phase we incorporate technology in the classroom. Students use technology and research based tools to develop these skills for the future. 

Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grade 4 -9)

Illustrated Globe
Triangle Ruler
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Color Pencils

Contact Us

4 Langverwacht Road, Kuils River


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